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The peaceful Arravale welcomes visitors. Arun is an ancient town built on the shore of the sea on a mountain called the Mound by locals. The local sights include the Temple of Karnay, the Rosario and the Square. Also the famed Academia Arcania is situated there, but its doors are closed to all except the students. Arun offers shopping for most things one can need. Most stores are on or close to Merchant Street. On Bridge Street is a friendly little pub called The One-Eyed Rooster and across the street of it a private club called 'The Rose of the Avatar'. They only admit Avatars. Dell is a peaceful little village in Northwest Arravale. Very popular among those urbanites who want to get close to nature without risking the wilderness. The Leaping Frog Inn offers plenty. The food is famous wide and far and many experts vow that Leaping Frog Ale is the best they ever had. There are also rooms for rent, but be warned that the price is not low. However, there are some people who claim to have seen dragons lately, and a young girl has mysteriously disappeared. Most people shrug the tales of dragons as delusions and the local gossip claims the girl eloped with the handsome Arch-Mage. If this is true or not, no-one knows.





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