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Clans are special organizations for player-killers within The Dawn of Demise. Belonging to a clan is usually more advantageous than trying to make it as a solo deadly player. Each clan has its own secret headquarters with a healer, a practice room, a clan store, and many other rooms that makes each clan unique unto itself.

Membership in a clan is at the discretion of the clan leaders. Peaceful players are not allowed to join clans; for peacefuls, there are guilds and orders available. Each clan has its own rules which you must follow in addition to the laws of DoD.

To gain entry into a clan, you should speak with a leader of the clan. To see a list of active clans, their deity, their leaders, and the total number of players killed by the members of the clan, type "clans". To get information on an individual clan, including the names of the leaders, type "clans <clan name>". To find out who is currently online from a clan, type "who 'clan name'".




  • Advocates of Yang
  • Crusader Force
  • Dark Summoning
  • Dharkk Revalry
  • Toran Republic

Starting your own clan

If you would like to start your own clan, see Minex. Note: this has a strict gauntlet of requirements. Firstly, you must be level 70 or higher. You must create your own philosophy, motto, descriptions, name, etc. You must be a stable (40+ hours or higher preferably) personality on DoD. After that, you must write an essay regarding some facet of your clan. This can be informational in style, or in the form of a short story. All essays will go into the help files for your clan. Finally you must write an essay about yourself, stating that you intend to stay a good while on DoD and are willing to make the commitment necessary for a clan. If you meet all the requirements, you are ready for a clan.

*Note: Nothing considered stupid, innane, obscene, racist, or otherwise contrary to the spirit of DoD will be considered. This means I don't want to see any orders devoted to drinking beer and watching football, having sex, or inciting racism against real life races (e.g. Jews and blacks). Exceptions can be made for fantasy races, like Elfkillers or Halfling Slayers.

A final word: You may create your own clan headquarters if you wish. However, if you do not do it yourself, then an Immortal may do it, which will take longer and might be less to your liking.

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