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Guilds are special organizations for each class within the Dawn of Demise. Belonging a guild has many advantages, such as gaining new knowledge of your class, making new friends, exciting quests, and the great feeling of helping other players. These and many other aspects of guild life make being in a guild a memorable experience. Each guild has its own separate headquarters with a healer, a practice room, a guild store, and many other rooms that makes each guild unique unto itself.

Membership in a guild is not necessarily easily obtained, and you must be a peaceful player. Deadly players are not allowed to join the guilds; for deadlies, there are multiple clans available. Each guild has its own rules which you must follow in addition to the laws of DoD.

To gain entry into a guild, you should speak with a leader of the guild. To see the list of guilds, type "guilds". To get information on an individual guild, including the names of the leaders, type "guilds <guild name>". To find out who is currently online from a guild, type "who 'guild name'".

The guilds are:

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