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he Great War of the Mages, the Arcanix, nearly destroyed the world, and all man's glorious works. The Protectors of Life managed to defeat the Lords of Chaos, and lock them out of the Realm. But now, several centuries later, the magic of the seals has been weakened. One of the Evil Lords has managed to cross the boundaries between the Planes, and seeks to revive the Arcanix. Only a single Protector stands against him. He desperately seeks aid for his beleaguered world, and has sent out his call across the multiverse. Even though the call was meant for aid, the Evil Lord has managed to slip some of his evil minions through the gate, and so the battle rages on.

The forces of Chaos have found a strong foothold, and it is feared that once again the world stands at the Dawn of Demise.


The following are excerpts taken from the remains of one of the last known copies of the Tome of Ages. Where the book came from or who penned it remains a mystery.

- Alacantiris, Scribe of Blackmoor

It has been nearly 200 years now since the ending of the Arcanix,
and still all that remains are the blasted wastes and endless
expanses of sands where once stood green fields, rolling rivers and
the Forest of Twilight. I can still feel the remnants of the Great
Spell that caused this infernal hell to be formed, and I fear that
perhaps it's effects will never be fully healed.
....once marvelous city of Krissinia did not completely fall to the
destruction, as did the other cities of the north. The spells of
her mighty Protectors did not stop all the damage, but they did, at
least, spare the city from total annihilation. It is said that
their most gifted protector, Aldur....
...have found him, but he said that he will not return to
Krysinnia. He said now that he is the last, he must also guard the
entirety of the Realm. Since the city's return to this plane, the
inhabitants seem....

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