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Keywords are used to identify an object or a mobile. Also, keywords are used for extra descriptions and exits.

  • When entering the keywords, be sure to always put the main keyword first. Do not capitalize the keywords unless the object or mobile has a proper name, and then that keyword should be the first word in the list.
  • When naming objects and mobiles use as many keywords as possible, making sure that at least one of the keywords is found in the long, short, and extra descriptions.
  • When naming exits and extra descriptions, try to add at least two keywords.
  • Keywords should include words that describe the object by its color, size, and/or appearance.

It is very frustrating to a player to come into a room and have this happen:

The player enters a room and sees, "A sharp piece of metal is stuck in the ground here."

Player types, "get metal" resulting in, "I see no metal here." Player types, "get sharp" resulting in, "I see no sharp here." Player types, "get piece" resulting in, "I see no piece here."
The player gives up and types "get all".
Then they find out it is "a long black sword".

You should not name a key merely "key". If the key is a "key silver small", this makes the key easier to distinguish from other keys being carried in a player's inventory. Imagine a player trying to find the right key for a door if they are carrying four or five items name simply "a key". Also, imagine a player trying to look at a key that does not have "key" set as the word for its extra description.

There are over 200 "keys" in the game, and some of them are also "silver", but it's a good chance that only a couple will be "small" as well. It's not enough to simply name an object "key" or "potion" or "scroll", at least one keyword should be unique or rare. Using the owhere command will help you determine how many objects already use a particular keyword.

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