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Your mental state is your current frame of mind, and how clearly and realistically you view your surroundings. Mental states can be affected by prolonged combat, hunger, thirst, or poison. If you are affected by one of the above for a period of time, your mental state will begin to deteriorate, and you will not view your surroundings as they truly are. You may begin to hallucinate, or become too lethargic to function, and your general abilities will be affected. In extreme cases you may collapse from exhaustion or enter a delirious coma.

To restore your mental state, you may need to rest (resting and sleeping will speed your recovery), eat, cure whatever poison afflicts you, etc. Note that if you are malnourished your state will not improve, even with sleep, until you have fed and/or quenched your thirst.

Your mental state is by the text line in 'score' which describes your state of mind (You feel great, etc.) The 'group' display contains a less accurate reading of you and your group-mates' mentalstates as well.

Changing your deity also affects your mental state.

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