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The Dawn of Demise has an automated questing system. Upon the completion of a quest, a player is automatically rewarded with glory and experience. Also, certain items can only be obtained by completing a particular quest.

All players begin with the quest Kill Yigos. Once that quest has been completed, new quests can be obtained from Lara, the town elder of the Knat. She can be found in Knat's town hall. Lara will continue to assign quests until a player reaches level 20 and is ready to leave the Isle of Myrlith.

Quests for higher level players, including those located in the Realms of Ta area, are assigned by Gwiadith in the Town of Blackmoor. Gwiadith can be found in Blackmoor's town hall, located to the north of Blackmoor Square.

You can only have one quest assigned to you at any given time and quests are assigned randomly. There is no way to "ditch" a quest and there are no plans on implementing such a feature.

Accumulated glory may be used to purchase enhancements to oneself or one's equipment at the Hall of Crowns in Blackmoor.

Automated Quests

Intial quest:

Lara's quests:

Gwiadith's quests:

Imm-run quests

In addition to the automated quests, Immortals will sometimes run their own temporary quests. Check the helpfile help current quests for updates.

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