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See Telearena for a brief history of this particular area.



In this plane of existence lies another world where dragons, sorcerers, and other evil entities thrive. Few have found passage to this realm. Unfortunately, the few who have ventured here have never returned. Several "runes" lie scattered throughout the forests, desert, swamps, natural caves, hidden labyrinths, deserted towns, and other places of interest that make up this world. Not only are there riches associated to the adventurers who find these runes, but they are also a symbol of wisdom and might to those who can actually pass the trials to get to them.




                             Town 2 (contains sewers) --Desert
                               |       Sewer Level 1  |    |
                               |       Sewer Level 2  |  Stoneworks  
                               |       Sewer Level 3--|    Stoneworks Level 1
                               |                           Stoneworks Level 2
                               |                           Stoneworks Level 3
                               |                           Stoneworks Level 4
                               |                           Stoneworks Level 5
                               |                    Town 3-Stoneworks Level 6
                               | (pier, need white rune to traverse)
                             Town 1 (contains 3 levels of dungeons)
                            /          Dungeon Level 1
                   Mountains           Dungeon Level 2
                  /                    Dungeon Level 3
                  |        Cellars
                 /         |     |
Gnoll Cave-Forest------Swamp     Flagstones 
             |                     Flagstones Level 1
             |                     Flagstones Level 2
             |                     Flagstones Level 3
             |                   Volcanic Ledge of Ta
             |                  /          |
       Obsidian Tower->Labyrinth   Sweltering Passages
                                  Hewn Granite Corridors
               Lush Jungle Valley
          Complex of Natural Caverns

No Runes

White Rune Needed

Yellow Rune Needed

Other Maps Related to Ta

For reference, the following maps aren't under the "Realms of Ta" map, but are still apart of the Ta world. This was required because the size of the realm was getting too large to manage.

No Runes

Green Rune Needed

Blue Rune Needed


This world is based off of the MajorBBS Game called Tele-Arena(v5.5f). This is one of the very first MUDS I (Minex) have ever played on. I would also like to thank Sean Ferrell, et al., for creating the great text based world of Tele-Arena.

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