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Graphical Town of Knat
Graphical Town of Knat



The town of Knat is the center of commerce on the island of Myrlith. Multiple shops line the streets, offering wares such as meat, vegetables, spices, potions, scrolls, supplies, and even armor and weaponry. A variety of denizens roam the streets of this town, trading rumors of the goings-on on the island. Naturally, a few rogues pry coinpurses from unwary merchants, but a robust town guard keeps them in check.

New players will want to become familiar with this town. As the closest mercantile area to Hilorex's safehouse, it is the best place for them to sell excess items and obtain new supplies. In particular, one can buy food and drink to stave off hunger and thirst, scrolls of Wehesl for healing, and Books of Escape to recall back to Hilorex's Avatar. Also, Lara in the Town Hall awards new quests once the original quest, "Kill Yigos", is complete.




 1) Kellin the Green's Fruitopia                   Cliff House
 2) Che' Geolin                                         |
Weapons, Armor, and Clothing                    I-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
 3) Grummash's Fine Apparel                       |           |
 4) The Bulette's Carapice                    H G-x E D A 6 C x
 5) Tenbar Arms                                \  | | | | | | |
 6) Lief Sternson's Smithy                    J-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-9
Items of Magic                                 /  |   | | |   |
 7) Caledon's Natural Herbs and Apothecary    F 4-x 2-x-x-x-1 x
 8) Nestor's Books and Research                   |   | | |   |
 9) Mylor's Magic Recycling                     5-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
 A) Caine the Despised's Items of the Arcane          | | |
Miscellaneous                                       3-x-x-x-B
 B) Knat House of Adventuring Supplies                | | |
 C) Astenon's Pawn                                    7 x 8
 D) Holy Floral                                         |
 E) Smellin' of Troy                             Isle of Myrlith
 F) Town Hall
 G) The Call of The Wild
 H) Knat Depository
 I) The Docks
 J) The Dart Board

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