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Tank's building room
Welcome to Tank's personal cozy den.
There are a couple of cushy chairs and a warm fire in the hearth.
Pick your feet up and sit a spell.

On a table, set apart is a picture of 'Teddy', an orange female chow dog.
A caption on the picture reads, 'Bless you girl, I'll miss You!'
  • Knat spelled backwards is Tank


  • DoD has been running since March, 1998 and was originally located at before moving to
  • The original suggested name of DoD, was Dawn of Death. Gangien had this name for a MUD he was going to start, but never did. Minex thought the name was to morbid so he changed it to Demise.
  • Ash was the first Avatar on DoD.
  • Ash was the first dual classed Avatar on DoD.
  • The player base has been wiped once in July 2007.
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