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Need to get somewhere? Don't feel like walking? Have access to the astral walk spell (or, in some cases, helical flow, mistwalk, plant pass, portal, solar flight, or soulshift)? Here is a list of destinations and the keyword of the mob whose essence you can track through the ether in order to get there.

Note: These keywords were tested with a starting point of Blackmoor Square. Making the jump from elsewhere might take you to a different mob. Also, killing the mob in question will often change the mob to which the keyword points.

Astral Keywords by Area
Area Keyword Mob
666 Layers of the Abyss evil evil priestess
Aaralae Chateau
Abandoned City of Calis
Abattoir Asylum
Aldreds' Mortuary mourning a man dressed in funerary robes
Aldreds' Mortuary parrot parrot
Ancient Ruins of the Conclave
Arravale mystic mystic
Astral Plane astral astral guardian
Becklineon Castle
Blackmoor Colosseum
Blackmoor Manor sinister sinister bat
Blasted Lands
Cavern of the Gnolls
Channels of Disheartenment
Chapel Catacombs x x-ist flesh eater
Chapel of the Gods
Chessboard rook black rook
City of Dylana Ru
Cloud City of Ouranos ouranos Dwarven Guard
Complex of Natural Caverns
Cremona Chasm Mothrick Mothrick
Dagger Keep
Daikomu geisha geisha
Daikomu peacekeeper emperor's peacekeeper
Daikomu wader wader
Deathtrap Dungeon ball giant spore ball
Deathtrap Dungeon hobgoblin large hobgoblin
Deathtrap Dungeon medusa medusa
Deathtrap Dungeon mimic mimic
Domain of World Eater
Dreams of Time
Dwarven Village dwarf dwarf
Dwarven Village lizard giant lizard
The Elven Forest of Isidien
Empire of Elandra
Ethereal Plane
Fifth Element astral astral guardian
Forest of the Dead maschel Maschel duAngnain
Forest of the Dead paladin Maschel duAngnain
Fortress of the Lost Souls
The Garden
Glacial Rift of the Jarl
Goblin Raiders Camp warleader warleader
Halfling Inn
Hall of the Fire Giant King
Haunted Cliff House Punketah Punketah
Hewn Granite Corridors
High Magus Tower Aaramon Aaramon
High Tower of Sorcery broom broom
High Tower of Sorcery Strick Strick
Hobgoblin Keep N/A N/A
Island of Draceth
Island of Krull goat mountain goat
Island of Krull krull Krull
Isle of Myrlith boalisk boalisk snake
Karnays Reconciliation
Keep of Lilith N/A N/A
Kendermore kender child kender child
Lair of the Gorgons
Land of the Mystics (Part 1)
Land of the Mystics (Part 2)
Legacy of Xchantharus
Lost Civilization carrion carrion crawler
Lost Civilization shrieker shrieker
Lush Jungle Valley
Maidens Voyage - Part 1 N/A N/A
Maidens Voyage - Part 2 Umeaf Umeaf
Miden'nir elf Jacob
Miden'nir elite Doom elite
Miden'nir goblin goblin spy
Miden'nir man Jed
Misty Grove of Draywin draywin armed guard of draywin
Myrlith Plains evolving evolving rat
Myrlith Plains mole mole
Nexus of Hierarch Travels
Northern Plains of Peace rattlesnake rattlesnake
Obsidian Tower
Ocean Keep seagull seagull
Old Citadel Ruins mek mek
Orc Holdings orc captain orc captain
Passage of Time
Plains of Blood
Plains of the North Sorbus Sorbus
Plottings of Keraptis
Prehistoria wild wild dog
Rain-Forest mosquito huge mosquito
Raylith Mountains
Realms of Ta ram ram
River City of Rhith rhith rhith guard
Road Workers Camp Loriaf Loriaf
Road Workers Camp orc Orarc
Rock Tunnel Sewers
Sands of Fire desert nomad desert nomad
Scotia Delphis Delphis
Scourge of Time
Sea of Dispayre barracuda barracuda
Seth's Fortress
Seven Holy Places (Avian) avian avian sentry
Seven Holy Places (Dryad) dryad dryad pupil
Seven Holy Places (Dwarven) dwarf sentry dwarven sentry
Seven Holy Places (Elven) elf pupil elf pupil
Seven Holy Places (Human) human sentry human sentry
Seven Holy Places (Illithid) illithid illithid pupil
Seven Holy Places (Kender) kender kender sentry
Shadow Wood lumberjack John the Lumberjack
Shadow Wood Forest musk yellow musk zombie
Shadowport Jacob Jacob
Southern Plains of Tyrlith nomad nomad of the plains
Steading of the Hill Giants gnoll gnoll warrior
Sweltering Passages
Tamwich Court
Temple of the Moon acolyte acolyte
The Arena N/A N/A
Theatre de la Vampyres Donal Donal O'Connor
Tower Of Khellendros
Towers Pentad wanderer nomadic wanderer
Town of Blackmoor sickly sick boy
Town of Knat knat resident of knat
Tunnels under Orborlon
Undead Plains of Mt. Krothgar
Under the City of Calis xvart xvart
Underdark kua-toa kua-toa
Undiscovered Sanctuary fish silver fish
Unholy Grounds mourner mourner
Upper Reaches of Apshai termite giant termite
Usurpers of Hochenyana no'ol priest of No'ol
Valley of the Necromancer duchesne Baron duChesne
Valley of the Rose
Vanisias Vengeance
Village of Dyla
Village of Elaevyan
Village of Mistwood mistwood citizen of mistwood
Village of Tyrsis cityguard cityguard
Volcanic Ledge of Ta
Willowland bat vampire bat
Willowland monk Castle monk
Willowland wall sentry wall sentry
Wyvern's Tower
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